The Workplace is Changing – Are you Listening? Asia Pacific Edition

Posted by Susan Green on Aug 8, 2016 9:45:18 AM

The Challenges Facing Asia Pacific

Over the past three years, in a recovering economy, businesses have been busy creating new strategy to meet the demands of the next 5 years. In Asia Pacific, just as in the US, workplace needs are revolving around demographic trends. These trends will play an important part in how company culture is being re-shaped to meet the demands of a smaller pool of resources. While the labor pool shrinks, the need for greater skills will rise. To fill the gaps, streamlined business practices and advanced technology will be key for success.

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Digitize Your Sales Agents to Success

Posted by Susan Green on Jul 11, 2016 2:16:57 PM

Ragunath Joe Murthy
Contributing Business Consultant

The Four E’s to an Efficient and Effective Team

The insurance industry is basically being reinvented. And, this reinvention has caused a major disruption in how insurance is defined and purchased by its new customer base. The disruption is so volatile that start-ups selling newly design insurance products are changing the landscape of the traditional garden. Of course this is an analogy; but imagine the main staples of corn, beans, wheat and rice being replaced by quinoa, millet, kamut and amaranth. One can certainly compare this garden of new staple foods to the evolution of the insurance world.

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The Workplace is Changing - Are you Listening?

Posted by Susan Green on Jun 6, 2016 12:50:39 AM

3 Things to Make Your Virtual Workplace a Success

In late 2015, FastCompany, outlined 6 workplace trends for 2016. Top on the list was Remote-first Businesses. They highlight that rather than companies becoming remote friendly, they need to be mobile.  

"Companies who are looking for an edge, looking for the best talent, and they see they can hire someone in three days, that's where you see companies building remote-first workforces," says Rich Pearson, the senior vice president of marketing and categories at Upwork. 

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Topics: performance management, Virtual Workforce

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