Why I Need a Performance Management System

Posted by John Patterson on Sep 21, 2016 11:52:54 PM

An Employee’s Point of View

Going in for a new job can be nerve wrecking. Going in a for a new job and not knowing the overall goals that are expected of you is even worse. Many companies have the mentality of throwing new employees to the wolves and seeing how they turn out. For a small percentage of people, that works. For the much larger percentage, they are lost not knowing what to do because their goals and expectations were not carefully laid out for them. 

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Why Do Employees Need Goals?

Posted by Susan Green on Sep 7, 2016 10:22:37 PM

5 Reason Why Your Employees Need Goals

In four short months, 2016 will be on its way out and we’ll be ringing in the new year. Along with the New Year’s celebration, we’ll be looking back at what we accomplished and what we didn’t. Most of us will cross off very few personal goals and just start all over with a new list of things we need to accomplish, like losing weight, going to the gym, meeting new friends, reading a bunch of books...and the list goes on and on.

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Topics: strategy execution, employee empowerment, Goal setting, SMART goals

How to Improve Employee Performance with SMART Goals

Posted by Susan Green on Jan 28, 2016 7:00:00 PM

Companies today are under a magnifying glass when it comes to employee performance. SMART goals can help.

How can you balance business objectives with employee performance? There are so many pieces to pull together to make it happen. One of the biggest stumbling blocks is setting goals that require everyone from the CEO to the administrative assistant to be aligned.

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