Why I Need a Performance Management System

Posted by John Patterson on Sep 21, 2016 11:52:54 PM

An Employee’s Point of View

Going in for a new job can be nerve wrecking. Going in a for a new job and not knowing the overall goals that are expected of you is even worse. Many companies have the mentality of throwing new employees to the wolves and seeing how they turn out. For a small percentage of people, that works. For the much larger percentage, they are lost not knowing what to do because their goals and expectations were not carefully laid out for them. 

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Why is Everyone Angry?

Posted by Susan Green on Aug 23, 2016 11:16:53 PM

8 Things Business Can Do to Calm the Storm

Yes, there is a storm at work! Personalities that morph into lightning, heavy rain, tornados, and even drought, can turn your workplace into a combat zone. As employers, we know that our employees are multi-faceted. And we understand that all personalities don’t always get along.

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Topics: performance coaching, employee feeback, managing employees

Why is Everyone Slacking?

Posted by Susan Green on Aug 16, 2016 11:35:21 PM

How to Take Your Employees from Bad Eggs to Golden Eggs 

First, let’s talk about the employment process. You did your due diligence. You reviewed more than one hundred resumes. Out of those, the top 10 were prescreened; and out of those the top 5 were interviewed. And it was then narrowed down to two. You did the reference checks, talked to the applicant’s former managers; and did the required background check. This guy walks on water!

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Why is Everyone Quitting?

Posted by Susan Green on Aug 9, 2016 1:07:21 AM

How To Stop Employee Turnover by Changing Your Workplace Culture

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What is All the Noise About Millennials?

Posted by Susan Green on Jun 24, 2016 11:30:00 PM

Why Millennials in the Workplace Are Getting all the Attention

Over the past 15 years, Boomers began exiting the workplace in a slow dribble. But, that’s about to change. According to a recent survey done by Deloitte, “Millennials, who are already emerging as leaders in technology and other industries and will comprise 75 percent of the global workforce by 2025, want to work for organizations that foster innovative thinking, develop their skills, and make a positive contribution to society.”

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Topics: millennials, managing employees

5 Signs Showing it’s Time to Get Serious About Managing Performance

Posted by Susan Green on Jun 17, 2016 10:01:58 PM

We all know that employees are our company and that we are only as good as our employees’ performance.  Our company is not only the products we sell, but it’s how we sell the products. It’s not only the customer service we offer, but how we offer the service. And it’s not only the widgets we manufacture, but it’s how well we manufacture those widgets.

 So let’s agree that performance is the key to overall company success; the key to making a profit, the key to retaining customers and the key to gaining new ones.  So when should you seriously consider using an employee performance management system to manage all the activity?

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