Powering Digital Business Transformation Through Augmented Analytics

Posted by Naveen Narayanan on Oct 23, 2019 6:00:00 AM

Companies today are vanishing faster than in previous decades as they are unable to disrupt themselves ahead of the competition. Gartner shows us that Enterprise buyers actually don’t know how to buy digital disruption. They also don’t know how to assess the magnitude of the problem or define whom to partner with on disruption.

The key is to have an augmented analytics-led digital business transformation. 

But what does that mean? We define it as an organisation that uses Augmented Analytics extensively and systematically to outthink, outperform & out-execute competition.

And the path to Augmented Analytics maturity has four common characteristics:

  1. Analytics directly linked to strategic and distinctive capability
  2. The approach to Analytics is Enterprise-wide
  3. Senior leadership committed to Analytics
  4. The company betting the farm on Analytics-based competition

The above is applicable to supply chains, customer service, customer loyalty, human resources, production facilities or any other operations in your Organisation. 

Consider some of these examples -- Netflix uses it to predict movie preferences; Marriott uses it for revenue optimisation; Walmart uses this for supply chain Analytics; and professional sports teams for choosing the right players. What you see here is that Analytics-based insights are embedded in the core business and are built as a competitive advantage.

KPISOFT believes that these secrets are deeply embedded in any organisation that is willing to learn and reinvent.

Read our research report co-authored with Gartner to learn more about how the power of augmented analytics can unlock digital transformation.

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