Goodbye Death by Dashboarding

Analytics Magic: Calm Technology + Context-Aware Computing

Keep Calm and Adapt On: How Calm Technology Principles Are Revolutionizing Analytics

Tired of looking in the rearview mirror? Two key secrets to modern management reporting

Business Intelligence and the Wave of Change: Ready to jump in?

Surrounded by Data but Still Searching for Insights?

Data access for everyone in the organization - Are you crazy?

The Road to Augmented Analytics

Change the Workflow - Democratize the Data

Conversational Analytics

Augmented Data Discovery

A Human uses 10% of their brain at a time-Here are 3 ways AI can act as your business's other 90%

Top 5 problems in a business - How Augmented Analytics can solve it

What is Augmented analytics and why is it important

Augmented Analytics vs Business Intelligence

Are you in the loop?: Top Reasons why Data Democratization delivers better performance

Millennials and Gen Z

Traditional Performance Reviews – Too Little Too Late

KPISOFT Establishes German Base For Aggressive Push Into Europe

Make Your Company's Performance This Year's Top Priority

How a Solid Performance Review Can Retain Top Performers

Why I Need a Performance Management System

Behavior-Based Performance Management

Why Do Employees Need Goals?

Why is Everyone Out of Sync

Why is Everyone Angry?

Why is Everyone Slacking?

Why is Everyone Quitting?

The Workplace is Changing – Are you Listening? Asia Pacific Edition

Employee Motivation…. How Hard Can That Be?

Digitize Your Sales Agents to Success

How to Create an Engaged Salesforce by Measuring Success

What is All the Noise About Millennials?

5 Signs Showing it’s Time to Get Serious About Managing Performance

Crowdsourcing Employee Feedback … Really?

The Workplace is Changing……. Are you Listening?

The Workplace is Changing - Are you Listening?

The Workplace is Changing – Are you Listening?

How Southwest Airlines Retains 96% of their High Potentials

Having a Performance Discussion

Performance Planning for the Modern Workforce

How HR Can Help Your Company Achieve Organizational Alignment

How a Solid Performance Review Can Retain Top Performers

How Clear Performance Improvement Plans Can Pave the Way for Success

Align Corporate Strategy with a Balanced Scorecard

3 Reasons to Ditch Performance Appraisals for Performance Coaching

Keep High Potential Employees with 5 Performance Coaching Questions

Coaching Managers Through the Performance Review Process - Part 2

Coaching Managers Through the Performance Review Process - Part 1

How To Win with Enterprise Performance Management Tools

Nixing Performance Management Is Not An Option: 5 Tips for A New Approach

How to Improve Employee Performance with SMART Goals

How to Keep Millennials from Quitting Over Performance Reviews

How to Adapt Your Performance Management Process to the Millennials

2 Big Reasons To Let Go Of Traditional Performance Management

Why Traditional Performance Reviews Make Millennials Want to Quit

Strategy to Results: Connecting Strategy and Performance Management

The Strategy Execution Challenge

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